February 13, 2013

Fun with Animal Reports

Students will LOVE adding a new step to their animal reports!  Have the students put themselves in the animals shoes by using Blabberize on the computer or a free app called FaceTalker in the iPad.  The students do research on an animal, as usual, finding all of the important details and facts that are required.  From there, they create a script as if they are the animal telling the world all about how they live.  This is when Blabberize and/or FaceTalker come into play.  Before using either application, the students will want to find a front-facing picture of the animal with his mouth closed and have it available on their computer or iPad.

If you use Blabberize on the computer, the teacher will want to create one account, and all students will use this account to complete their work.  This way, the reports will all be in one place and easy to locate. Click the words below to watch this short tutorial on how to use Blabberize.

If you have an iPad or iPads in your classroom, FaceTalker will take you through the steps of adding your picture, your mouth placement and recording.  Then you will export the report to the Photo Gallery on the iPad for easy viewing.

Here is an example of a FaceTalk movie.