March 22, 2013

Bill Atkinson Photocard App - Wow!!!

 Here is a very useful iPad app for teachers to use with their students. The teacher could use this tool for assessing student knowledge by giving the student the iPad and having them create a photo card telling about the activity they are doing. Students will love this!  The more I use the app, the more I love it!! Teachers and/or students can create postcards for almost any topic at any grade level. Hand the iPad to the student, have the students take a picture of the project/activity they are doing.  Attach the picture to the postcard. Write or speak a paragraph describing their activity and email the final form to the teacher.
Go to the app store on your iPad and search for Bill Atkinson Photocard. (Click this icon to view it in the iTunes Store).

If you have any questions or would like help implementing this app into your classroom, please visit with your Tech Partner.