April 27, 2016

Monster Project

This project is great fun for students. 

It goes well with teaching and learning about adjectives.
It also meets many writing standards. 

One student draws a monster and writes a description of their monster using many details. The description only is sent to another student. In this case, it was sent to another third grade student in a different building in our district. The second student redraws the monster by carefully reading the description and drawing what they are reading. The redraw is sent back to the first designer and paired up with the original drawing.    

After the student sees the redraw, it is a great extension activity to have him or her reflect and note what was done well and how the description could be changed to make it clearer for the student redrawing the monster.

Another extension activity could be to Skype to meet the other student and have a discussion about the project. What was learned? What went well? What should be changed?

Click here if you would like to view all the descriptions and monsters from one of our classrooms.