April 30, 2013

Air Sketch Free App

Air Sketch Free creates a wireless whiteboard on your iPad, which can be connected to your computer and in turn, will be displayed on your SMARTBoard screen.

1) Download Air Sketch Free to your iPad (with the basic version, you will get a plain screen, the ability to clear the screen, and a button with information to connect to your computer).

2) This is the screen that will open on your iPad with the free version.

3) Click the bottom left round circle with the three curved lines.  You will get a screen that looks like this...
4) Open the browser on your computer and type in the server address.

5) The whiteboard page will now be on your computer.  If your computer is connected to the projector, you will be able to write on the iPad screen and have it project to the whiteboard.

6) There is a paid option to this app.  It is $9.99 and adds many features such as colored markers, projecting pictures and pdfs, and annotating (writing on) the documents through your iPad.

7) To clear the screen and start fresh, click the red X in the bottom right corner on your iPad.