April 24, 2013

Hi everybody! I know we are at a difficult point in the year, so here are some great video channels to give you tons of video resources to ease the burden for some of those end-of-the-year lessons.

National GeographicNew Link  
has advertisements, but also entire programs, like secrets of the Titanic.

Symphony of science New Link 
This is a great channel I listen to sometimes in my personal time. It uses clips and autotune to make educational and sometimes beautiful music out of science. Here's one of my favorites with  my personal hero, Carl Sagan: New Link 

TedEducation New Link 
If you LOVE TedTalks, this is perfect for you. These are amazing educational videos for kids made by some of the world's current experts. You'll love it! Here's a sample video: New Link 

YouTube Education
Last but not least is YouTube Education. It has something like a million educational videos. You won't regret it! Here is youtube education: New Link